Muhlenberg College Fall 2019

Week 15

the documentary journey

“As Robert Coles concludes, “Doing documentary work is a journey . . . a passage across boundaries . . . that can become a quest, even a pilgrimage, a movement toward the sacred truth enshrined not only on tablets of stone, but in the living hearts of those others whom we can hear, see, and get to understand” (145).” By engaging in this process, he continues, “we hope to be confirmed in our own humanity” (145).

As we reach the end of this semester’s journey, your own documentary work takes center stage. Now is the time to complete your documentary research and wrap production to complete your 3-4 minute projects.  They are due Friday, December 6, by midnight.

Your very last assignment is a blog post, due by Friday, December 13, midnight.  Use this post to share what’s on your mind as you complete the final work of the class, your documentary project, and your blog.  Please include your final documentary project video in your post (first upload it to Kaltura, and then use the video embed function to place it in your blog).  Some questions to consider in your final post: 

How does your domain document your own learning on doing documentary work? What is one thing you’ll remember from this course?  

Documentary Screening

Our documentary screening is Tuesday, December 10, 9 a.m. in Walson 115.  There will be bagels and coffee/hot chocolate. Of all the days of this course, this session is the most important to attend. Your work, and your peers’ work, matters. Your presence matters.