Muhlenberg College Fall 2019

Week 11

Documentary Practices

Our discussion this week focuses on the documentary practices you are learning as you are developing with your 30 second documentaries, and those you will continue to build as you work towards your 2-3 minute project. Your 30 second documentaries are due, uploaded to Canvas, on Monday, November 18. Be sure to review the assignment guidelines and follow instructions provided by Tony Dalton in your documentary lab (file naming, exporting, uploading, etc.). If you have any questions, just ask!  Our reading this week is the guide to Visual Storytelling assigned for last week that we didn’t have time to discuss.  It’s online here:

30 Second Doc Screening

We will watch your 30 second documentaries together in class on Tuesday, November 19.  After discussing these projects and the challenges of telling stories visually, we will turn our focus for the remainder of the semester towards your 2-3 minute documentary projects focused on the place of technology at Muhlenberg. 

Final COmparative Essay

Your final writing assignment builds on your first two essays and is a comparative analysis of issues of location and voice in Stranger with a Camera and Banished. In this 7-8 page essay, you are encouraged to revisit ideas you explored in your first two essays, revising them in this new comparative context. Of course, you are welcome to explore new ideas that you are interested it–but the idea here is to build on and revise your earlier work, not to begin an entirely new writing project. You also have the option of comparing one of the required films to a documentary of your choice.  If you choose this path, please have your second film approved by the instructor no later than November 14.  Follow the same file naming conventions as your first two papers:  last name, first initial- Essay#3 and be consistent in your use of whichever citation style you select (APA preferred but not required). Upload your paper to Canvas according to the deadline posted there by the deadline, Thursday, November 21.