Muhlenberg College Fall 2019


Working with Banished

Marco Williams, filmmaker

“BANISHED is deeply personal. It is deeply personal on a couple of levels. I was chased out of Charlestown in Boston, MA by a mob of angry whites simply because I am black. While I was only an individual, the intention of this mob was to keep the neighborhood white, not unlike the racial cleansings that I investigate in BANISHED that happened in the early 1900s. But I made BANISHED because I wanted to make a film that explored prospective solutions to the racial divide. In the horrible history I saw an opportunity for Americans to consider forms of reparation as a means of reconciliation.”

What does this statement by the filmmaker reveal to you about his location and how it shapes his film?

Where in the film is the impact of his location visible? What are the moments that you see his perspective and his voice prominently in the film?