Muhlenberg College Fall 2019

Week 3

For Tuesday, September 10 , read the remainder of chapter 1, with the following questions intended to help focus your reading:
  • What is SNCC? What is Coles’ relation to it and why is this significant to his lessons on doing documentary work?
  •  What are some of the ways Coles reflects on his time at SNCC, and his conversations with Bob Moses?
  • Once again, circle or mark every instance that the term ‘location’ is used (and its variants, like ‘locate’).
  • Who is Erik Erikson and what important lessons does Coles learn from him?
  •  The chapter ends on a story of yet another important mentor in Coles’ life, the poet – doctor William Carlos Williams. What does this vignette teach us about doing documentary work?10

On Tuesday, we begin watching Elizabeth Barrett’s film, Stranger with a Camera.  Please watch this short video interview with Barrett before class on Tuesday.

We continue watching Stranger with a Camera on Thursday in class.  For Thursday, September 12 ,  read the original article published about the murder of Hugh O’Connor, by the writer Calvin Trillin in The New Yorker.  This article was published in 1969.  Barrett’s film was released in 2000

For Tuesday, September 17, write a blog post with your initial reflections on the film.  How does Barrett describe her location, as a filmmaker and as a resident of the place she documents? This will be helpful pre-writing for Essay 1 on the film.