Muhlenberg College Spring 2019

Week 6

Methods: Listening and Observing

This week, we complete Coles, Chapter 2. Bring your text to class on Tuesday so that we can work closely with it.

Before Thursday, watch on your own the film, “Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning.” The video is available in Canvas for you to watch, accessible from this page: 

You’ll then be prompted to login in with your library credentials to view the film.

In class Thursday, we’ll discuss the film, Dorothea Lange’s contributions to the American traditional of social documentary, and take a look at some of her photographs. This will prepare us for a closer look at her documentary experiences next week, through further readings and Coles and elsewhere.

Take a look at your blog. Although we have no posts due this week, now is a good time to pay some attention to its appearance, perhaps write an “About” page, or add a feature like a social media feed, links to other documentary websites, etc. Your challenge this week is to make one small improvement to your blog.