Muhlenberg College Spring 2019

Week 5

Documentary Work: Responsibilities

We’re continuing this week with Coles, Chapter 2: The Person as Documentarian.  There is no sharp break between Chapters 1 and 2. The conversation about location continues in this chapter as well, building on those early discussions in the first chapter. Get a good honest start in the chapter.  Read slowly, take notes, connect back to the previous chapter, to Agee, to Stranger with a Camera.  It’s a little under 40 pages. Pace yourself to finish the entire chapter this week.

We’ll be doing some in-class writing activities Tuesday.  As assigned in our last class, please bring a working thesis statement to class.  These can be questions, tentative statements, ideas you’ve already blogged about.  Nothing is set in concrete…these are starting points to build from as work together in class this Tuesday.

On Thursday, we will dedicate class to further discussion of the responsibilities of documentarians as presented in Coles, as well as in-class writing activities. There is no blog post due this week. Direct your energies towards your first essay!  Guidelines for Essay 1 are posted under Week 4 here.