Muhlenberg College Spring 2019

Week 10


Tuesday: In-class production workshop with Tony Dalton on your 30-second doc projects.

Thursday:  No class meeting…work on your 30-second doc projects!

This week, we’re reading a short digital booklet by Lisa Kalow, Visual Storytelling.  This guide to visual documentary storytelling will help you connect what you’ve been reading and doing up to this point, with the documentary making you are now turning to in this course.  The reading is especially helpful as a guide to shifting from reading and writing about documentary to making documentary and as you work this week on your 30 second documentary project.  The assignment is here.

Preparing for your 30 second doc

Your audio recordings are available in the Google folder that Amanda Jenkins-Ford has shared with the class, along with your alumni interviewee’s photo(s).  This week, in preparation for making your 30 second doc, your focus is on reviewing your audio footage and the images. 

1. Listen closely to the entire interview and make notes on the highlights.  It would be helpful to do a rough transcription of your interview, with timestamps, so that you can easily locate the clips you want to use.  You will have to make choices about what to include from a 15-minute interview in a 30-second documentary.  So listen to the interview several times to really understand what matters most in the interview. 

2. Identify the precise clips you want to incorporate in your documentary.  Your 30-second doc is a narrative–your voice over, the interviewee’s voice, and the image–so you have to decide what quote or quotes from the interview that really stands out and captures the essence of your interviewee’s story.

3. If your interviewee provided more than 1 photo, please select which one you want to use for your doc.  Just use 1!

4. Come to class Tuesday ready to work with these materials.  Tony Dalton will be in class to guide you through the creative process of building a story from your media elements (audio and image). 

Writing Assignments

Your second essays are due, at the latest, by Tuesday, April 2, before class time.  Brief blog posts–a paragraph reflection on your experience with alumni week–also due Tuesday before class. 

I am away at a conference this week, but available via email to provide feedback on your projects, papers and blogs.  Please reach out and I will reply within no more than 12 hours. I know the timing is not ideal with your projects underway but I am confident that, with Tony Dalton’s guidance, you will thrive as you work on these projects this week! If you need assistance, you can also come to the HIVE, in Trexler B002, for help from a Digital Learning Assistant, any afternoon between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.